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  • MOJO Stick Wax
  • MOJO Stick Wax
Customize your stick with Mojo™ Hockey Stick Wax. Mojo is available in a rainbow of colors including: White, Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, and Red. The combination of the ‘ultra grip’ formulation and incredibly bright color’s makes Mojo the finest and most unique stick wax on the market. Mojo is non-toxic and comes in a box that can be recycled. Features a 85 gram bar. What you see is what you get: The color of the wax is what you’ll see on your stick. They are ‘Scented’ for your bag to help with the stink coming from your bag.The wax is designed to be soft enough to ‘smooth’ out with your fingers for optimal blade coverage. The ‘Ultra grip’ formulation is perfect for puck control and tricks. This product is 100% designed, formulated, and manufactured in U.S.A.



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