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  • Mission Amp Fly Hockey Skates ('02 model)- Senior
  • Skate size = Shoe size
  • Sensory™ carbon outsole: stiffer, lighter and thinner
  • Split Throat™ pattern design for improved flexibility and minimized creasing
  • Indy Foam™ ankle chambers with multiple foam layers provide superior ankle lock and increased comfort
  • Interior Material: Clarino® moisture wicking lining
  • Sensory™ footbed
  • Stiffness Rating: 7.3 Surlin™
  • Leather quarters
  • Skate-Bake™ friendly, custom oven fit ensures virtually no break in period
  • Improved Formula™ Bladeholder with DriveShaft technology. Single allen key bolt system
  • Laser-cut stainless steel runner from Sweden, with superior grain
MFRS. AUTHORIZED CLOSEOUT: Start with 100% lean genuine leather, mix in Thermal Heat-fit™ stiffeners, Sensory outsoles and a dash of IndyFoam™. Add a split throat, cook to perfection. The result is a top level skate with Mission's advancements in an all leather package. Best when served over ice...


  • Ankle Support: Indy Foam™ Inserts created from a closed-cell Neoprene material, with incredible liquid-like conformability - allow the ankle tips to form their own secure depressions, but also permit a slight amount of rotation within the boot cuff, resulting in increased stride mobility and comfort
  • Blade Holder: Formula Driveshaft holder
  • Boot Construction: Two-stage, split-layered Biomorphic™ boot construction - Radically lighter boot weight, with stiffness where you need it, and flexibility where you don’t
  • Heat Moldable: Thermal Heat Fit™ - Skates can be "baked" in a Mission™ Skate-Bake™ Oven, specifically designed to maximize the custom fit of Mission™ skates and increase the speed of the break-in process
  • Lining Material: Wick-Dry™ Liner - A micro fiber Clarino® based liner with moisture wicking properties - Sweat is wicked away from the foot for a dry and comfortable fit
  • Outsole: Sensory Outsole™ - Ultra Thin, lightweight 100% composite construction - Lowers center of gravity significantly, improving player balance, agility, and feel. Efficient, rounded edge shape increases "layover" (cornering) angles
  • Runner: Precision-cut Swedish stainless steel
  • Special Features: Skate size = Shoe size


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