B-Active Pro Gear Nylon Skate Weight- Sr

Style/Model #: BACTSK8W8SR


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Skate Weights are great for any level of player looking to improve their skating skills. Using a skate weight is a long tested and proven way to improve speed,balance, and endurance.
This skate weight features a tuck away pocket with Velcro closure that secures up to 3 steel weights. Each of the 3 weights provided in this skate weight are:
3 5oz weights totaling 15 oz.

Start by using ½ your practice time and work your way up. Leg tone, strength and foot speed will build with skate weight use. Extending the use of a skate weight will build peak condition and endurance.
3 Velcro straps on each skate weight hold the weight securely to the skate. Use the senior weight for senior sized skates and the junior weight for junior skate sizes.

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