BAUER NSX Shin Guard- Sr

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BAUER NSX Shin Guard features a molded shin & knee cap, a molded PE insert for calf guard, a MD foam thigh protector and further features a lock strap strapping system to keep your guard attached during gameplay. Fit/Mobility is achieved via the anatomical fit at the shin cap, and the tapered fit at the knee cap. Full coverage calf guard. Integrated thigh protector. Elastic strap. Full comfort liner with a hydrophobic mesh lining.
BAUER NSX Shin Guard

• Molded shin cap
• Molded knee cap
• Molded PE insert Calf Guard
• MD Foam Thigh Protector
• Lock Strap

• Anatomical fit shin cap
• Tapered fit knee cap
• Full coverage calf guard
• Integrated thigh protector
• Elastic strap
• Full comfort liner
• Hydrophobic mesh lining

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