BAUER Nexus 1000 Hockey Pant- Jr

Style/Model #: HPNEX1000JR

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The Bauer Nexus 1000 hockey pants bring back the classic look of Bauer pants with 21st century protection and feel. The designers at Bauer brought back the classic feel with a wide fit while also adding new features such as stretch zones in the legs for effortless strides.

Instead of the usual one pad system, the Nexus 1000 pant has segmented kidney and hip pads giving you the maximum amount of movement throughout the game. These pants are designed using F-ONE shell technology infused with high-density foam and rigid HDPE as one.

This combination gives you 25% greater energy absorption while also reducing weight by 15% over pants using just HDPE pads. The use of the F-ONE technology is also incorporated in the kidney and spine pads ensuring better protection from blocking shots, body checks, and slashes. Block shots, take a hit to deliver the perfect pass and pull away from defenders using the Bauer Nexus 1000 hockey pants.
BAUER Nexus 1000 Hockey Pant
Classic Fit and Protection: A top of the line pant with a Classic fit and Protection elements suitable for all levels of Junior Sized Players
Volume Fit: Classic fit is ideal for Hockey Purists seeking a wide, volume fit for an effortless stride
Kidney Protection: EPP protection at kidney's, add spine saves weight by 15% when compared to traditional dual density foams
F-ONE Technology: F-ONE Technology combines HD foam with Polyethylene to form solid, lightweight protection in the hips and thighs

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