BAUER Nexus 1N Shoulder Pad- Sr '16

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The Bauer Nexus 1N Shoulder Pads feature a shoulder cap that is an injected cap with Seven+ Technology™ foam and multi-density foam. Sternum is Seven+ Technology™ foam with PE insert. Front side panels, spinal, and back Kidney Panels are all comprised of HD foam. Bicep Guard is molded thermoformed component. Arch is HD foam with a free glide arch. Abdominal padding is a removable MD foam. When it comes to fit & mobility this pad features a Classic overall fit. Chest construction is a multi-segmented design for enhanced mobility. Arm Pad is a 2-piece Free Flex construction. Liner uses 37.5® Technology.
Bauer Nexus 1N Shoulder Pad

• Shoulder Cap: Injected cap with Seven+ Technology™ foam and multi-density foam
• Sternum: Seven+ Technology™ foam with PE insert
• Front Side Panels: HD foam
• Spinal: HD foam
• Back Kidney Panels: HD foam
• Bicep Guard: Molded thermoformed component
• Arch: HD foam, free glide arch
• Abdominal Pad: Removable MD foam

• Overall Fit: Classic
• Chest Construction: Multi-segmented design for enhanced mobility
• Arm Pad: 2-piece Free Flex construction
• Liner: 37.5® Technology

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