BAUER Nexus N7000 Hockey Pant- Jr '16

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The Bauer Nexus N7000 Hockey pant features HD foam + PE insert on the spine, molded dome construction on the hip, and MD foam + PE insert(s) on the Kidney. Thigh is a 2-piece ergonomic pad while Outer shell is an abrasion-resistant 400 denier nylon. When it comes to Fit/Mobility, these pants feature MD foam in the belt, stretchable leg gussets with pleated zippers, a skate lace closure system on the front panel, a hydrophobic mesh liner, and (optional) suspender button Add Ons.
Bauer Nexus N7000 Hockey Pant

• HD foam + PE insert on Spine
• Molded dome construction on Hip
• MD foam + PE Insert on Kidney
• 2-piece ergonomic pad (Thigh)
• Abrasion-resistant 400 denier nylon Outer Shell

• MD foam on Belt
• Stretchable leg gussets with pleated zippers
• Skate lace closure system on the front panel
• Hydrophobic Mesh Liner
• Suspender Buttons (Add-Ons)

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