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Whether they're already skating circles around you or stepping up to the blue line the first time, nothing makes hockey more accessible and fun than the right equipment. The new Prodigy© line from Bauer is designed specifically with that in mind. Born from Bauer's deep knowledge of hockey, the Prodigy line meets the needs of today's young players and their parents. Lightweight, adjustable and built specifically for youth, the Prodigy line gives your child the confidence to grow into the game while enjoying every moment- Right from the start-Prodigy.

The Bauer Prodigy© all-in-one bottom is a unique 2-in-1 system that allows kids to slip right into this last layer of protection. Additional padding is applied where it is needed most- in the tailbone and knee areas to ensure a more comfortable, protective fit. The youth Bottom all in one is an integrated pant,shin, and jock/jill system. Customized fit with pant leg zippers and suspender buttons are added for ease of access and accessory.
Bauer Prodigy Series All in One Bottom

Shin Cap
• Double Density foam with PE insert

Knee Cap
• Injected HD plastic Knee Cap

Calf Guard
• Molded Double Density

Shin Strap
• Anchor strap

Tail Pad
• LD Foam + PE insert

• Nylon stretch panels

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