BAUER S 170 Goal Skate – Jr

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New in 2016, the Supreme S170 Goal Skate sports a goalie-specific boot design, an extended felt tongue, EVA footbed with ERGOTOE protection. TPR outsole.
Bauer S170 Goal Skate
• Tech-mesh boot construction
• Asymmetric goalie specific boot design
• Asymmetric extended felt tongue
• EVA footbed with ERGOTOE protection
• VERTEXX EDGE goalie holder
• TPR outsole
• New goalie specific toe cap
• 3mm LS3G removable runner

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Replace the trigger, find a new young engineer for goalie skates.
Bought these skates for my 11 year old that plays travel hockey in August 2017. My son loved the skate and how light they were. This weekend, after owning the skates for three months the goalie skate blade wouldn't stay in the holder and he couldn't finish his hockey game. I was worrying about a blade breaking, not the trigger for replacing the blade. This week I watched the Bauer certified dealer work on the holder and was in disbelief of the cheap mechanism holding the skate blade in. A piece of plastic, that only held up 3 months. The skates were sharpened weekly, I would only recommend this skate if you don't remove the blade regularly for sharpening. I would hope Bauer could find some young engineer to design a better trigger mechanisn. Next year buying a fixed blade from Perani's. Watch out for these goalie skates!!!!! Bauer warranty did stand by the replacement of holder and were quick with warranty request., I would rather has a better mechanism for the holder and I would definitely buy the skate again. Hopefully Bauer reads this!!!!
Great lightweight skate, cheap trigger mechanism!
Bought the skates for my 11 yr old travel hockey goalie. My son loved the break in and how light the skates were. This weekend after owning the skates for a little over 3 months the trigger mechanism failed and the skate blade would not stay in the holder and he couldn't finish his hockey game. I watched the Bauer certified dealer attempt to repair the blade and was in disbelief the cheap plastic mechanism within the holder. I was amazed by the response by the quick response by the warranty department at Bauer. Very helpful. The skates were sharpened weekly and apparently the trigger mechanism did not hold up to the constant use. I will not be buying another skate with a removable blade again unless Bauer redesigns the trigger mechanism. I can't imagine placing a metal spring loaded mechanism in the holder would make the skate to expensive to sell reasonably. The skate would definitely be a more dependable skate. Thanks for the part Bauer, but I won't be buying this skate or removable blade skate again until the part is upgraded.
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