BAUER S 190 Goal Pant – Sr

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The Bauer S 190 Goal Pant features a Square Thigh Design and XRD© Foam reinforced abdominal pad that can lace inside or outside pant. The Extension Fit System allows for growing goaltenders and adds adjustments to let the pad age with the goaltender. The floating spine protection with Vent Armor adds protection and assists the Goaltender with a Vented Pant that stays cooler during play. The Nylon Reinforcement in wear area above goal pad will add another form of keeping the pad from braking down at high abrasion areas such as where the Leg Pad meets the Pant. The Comfort edge foam in front of waist gives the player the added comfort during Maneuvers and Rest when the puck is at the other end of the rink. The Floating front flex hip panels allows better movement for all styles of goaltending.
BAUER S 190 Goal Pant

• Square Thigh Design

• XRD Foam Reinforced Abdominal Pad that can be laced inside or out of the Pant

• Extension Fit System

• Floating Spine Protection with Vent Armour

• Nylon Reinforcement in wear area above goal pad

• Comfort Edge foam in front of waist

• Floating Front Flex Hip Panels

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