BAUER Supreme Totalone MX3 Composite Shaft- Sr

Style/Model #: 1044440


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BAUER Supreme Totalone MX3 Composite Shaft features eLASTech technology, Lightweight TeXtreme® construction, double concave walls, an amplified Mid-Kick point, square double concave shaft dimensions, 0.620” standard taper system, a tactile texture that enhances the natural feel, as well as a gloss finish.
BAUER Supreme Totalone MX3 Composite Shaft

• eLASTech Technology
• Lightweight TeXtreme® construction
• Double concave walls
• Amplified Mid-Kick point
• Square double concave shaft dimensions
• 0.620” standard taper system
• Tactile texture enhances the natural feel
• Gloss Finish

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