BAUER Vapor 1X Lite Shoulder Pad- Jr

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BAUER Vapor 1X Lite Shoulder Pad features AEROLITE 2.0 on the SP cap, Curv® composite at the sternum, Molded HYPERLITE foam on the front side panels, Curv® composite at the spine, Perforated foam and HYPERLITE foam in rib area and on the back side panel, HD foam arch, Curv® composite Biceps. Shoulder Pad maintains a low profile for fit/mobility. Floating construction on the sternum. Independent side panels. Floating construction on the spine. Independent side panels. Free Flex arch. Adjustable / Free Flex Bicep. 37.5® Technology & Sanitized® technology in the liner.
BAUER Vapor 1X Lite Shoulder Pad

• AEROLITE 2.0 SP cap
• Curv® composite sternum
• Molded HYPERLITE foam front side panel
• Curv® composite spine
• Perforated foam back side panel
• HYPERLITE foam in rib area
• HD foam arch
• Curv® composite bicep

Fit / Mobility
• Low profile
• Floating construction sternum
• Independent side panels
• Floating construction on spine
• Free Flex Arch
• Adjustable / Free Flex Bicep
• 37.5® Technology & Sanitized Technology in the liner

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