BAUER Vapor APX LE Composite Hockey Stick- Int

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Bauer raised the bar with the introduction of the Vapor APX stick. They have taken the hugely popular stick and created a limited edition model that features new graphics on the stick. Vapor sticks are built for optimal balance and quick release. This model still has all the technology that the regular edition features including eLASTech technology, Intellisense shot technology, Monocomp technology, along with all the other features built into the stick to provide the lightening quick release. If you're ready for one of the most advanced sticks on the market, look no further than the Vapor APX LE.
Patented dual density blade core- The patented dual density blade core is the ultimate combination of balance, feel, power and performance. Our arimid reinforced epoxy core-similar to the Power Core 3 used in the Supreme Totalone provides unmatched feel for the puck on pass reception and while stick handling. Because of its extreme lightweight and excellent strength-to-weight ratio, our Aroe Foam II core material provides torsional stiffness to prevent blade deflection when shooting, which increases accuracy and improves the blades balance
Monocomp Technology- Our industry-leading single molding process ensures product and performance consistency. By removing excess material like overlapping layers, resin and foam waste, the balance of the stick is improved and overall weight is reduced. This results in easier stick loading and imrpoved energy transfer with every shot.
Intelli-Sense shot technolgy- Vapor sticks have been intelligently designed with a dual kick flex profile allowing for maximized performance benefits. Before 2009, Vapor sticks had a low kick point that allowed for a quicker release on wrist and snap shots but sometimes lacked power on slap shots. By adding the second higher kick point, Vapor sticks now have the powerful release for slap shots and one timers that elite players expect.
Pure Shot blade profile
Lightweight TeXtreme construction
Micro Feel II shaft dimension
Double concave walls
Vapor premium dual taper- the combination of Micro-Feel II shaft and secondary taper along the top and bottom surfaces equals decreased torsional deflection for increased puck control and accuracy upon release.
Matte Finish

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