BAUER Vapor X 100 Hockey Pant- Jr

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Hockey combines speed, finesse and agility and to help you achieve these aspects you'll need to get the new Bauer Vapor X 100 Hockey Pants. These pants are customizable, featuring a removable outer shell for logo and stripe post embellishment. AEROLITE technology is the main focus of these pants which reduces the overall weight by 30%. Even without the extra bulky weight, it still is able to maintain key impact properties for upper level protection.

These pants have been engineered for the finest player performance and takes fit, stance and stride into consideration. Your spine will be reinforced with Free Flex spine protection for a greater range of motion allowing you to perform to your optimum potential.

Thermo Max liner will help wick sweat away from your body so you can stay comfortable throughout the entire game. The legs feature stretchable leg gussets with pleated zippers allowing for an easy fit.  Unlike traditional pants, the Vapor X 100 pants allow the player to adopt a true hockey posture.
BAUER Vapor X 100 Hockey Pant
Spine – Free Flex spine protection with AEROLITE technology
Hip - Molded dome construction
Thigh – 2-piece ergonomic pad
Outer Shell – Pro level abrasion-resistant 840 denier overlays (Thigh)
Adjustability – Adjustable extension fit (+1” in length)
Kidney – Segmented Construction
Belt – Mid-density foam
Flex Panels – Stretchable fabrics
Leg Gussets – Stretchable leg gussets with pleated zippers
Front Panel – Skate lace closure system
Add ons – Suspender Buttons
Outer Shell – Removable outer shell for logo and stripe post embellishment

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