BAUER Vapor X 60 Shoulder Pad- Jr

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The Bauer Vapor X60 Shoulder Pads have been added to both compliment and complete the Vapor line. Protection, mobility, and lightweight construction are a few of the key aspects that allow players to feel their movements and play major roles during the game. Thermo-formable cap construction provides an anatomical feel, making them feel like they were made specifically for you. Beyond the shoulder cap, HD Foams and Mid-Density Foams all combine to protect your upper body. These components combine to keep the pads lightweight and provide the most protection for your play. Tapered fit provides you with maximum mobility for a full range of motion. Don’t let your shoulder pads confine you anymore, play with ease.
BAUER Vapor X 60 Shoulder Pad
• Shoulder Cap – Thermoformed cap construction
• Sternum – HD foam with PE insert
• Spinal – Mid-density and PE insert
• Front Side Panels – Mid-density foam
• Back Kidney Panels – Mid-density foam
• Bicep Guard – Molded thermoformed component
• Arch – HD foam
• Overall Fit – Tapered
• Dynamic Components – 1-Piece bicep guard and arch support
• Base Body – Multi segmented design
• Liner – Hydrophobic mesh

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