BAUER Vapor X700 Shin Guards- Jr '16

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The Bauer Vapor X700 Shin Guard features a thermoformed ribbed shin cap, an injected knee cap, a calf guard comprised of an MD foam and PE insert, and a thigh protector made of MD foam. When it comes to Fit/Mobility these guards feature a tapered overall fit, a 2-strap strapping system featuring wraparound strapping, and a hydrophobic mesh liner.
Bauer Vapor X700 Shin Guard- Jr

• Thermoformed ribbed shin cap
• Injected Knee Cap
• Calf Guard is MD foam insert + PE insert
• Thigh Protector is MD Foam

• Tapered Overall Fit
• 2-strap system featuring wraparound strap
• Hydrophobic mesh Liner
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