BAUER Vapor X800 Elbow Pads- Sr '16

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The Bauer X800 Elbow Pads feature MD Foams with PE Inserts in the Forearm and Bicep guards. The Tapered overall fit uses a FreeFlex Cap Construction and an Interior Donut Sling on Elbow Joint for another layer of protection. A 3-Strap System holds the pad tight to the players arm and elbow. The Hydrophobic Mesh Liner assists the player with whisking away moisture to keep the pad drier during play.

BAUER Vapor X800 Elbow Pads

• Injected cap with MD Foam

Bicep Guard
• MD Foam + PE Insert

Forearm Guard
• MD Foam Insert + PE Insert

Overall Fit
• Tapered

Free Flex Components
• Free Flex Cap Construction

Interior Elbow Joint
• Interior Donut Sling

Strapping System
• 3-Strap system

• Hydrophobic Mesh

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