BAUER Vapor X800 Shoulder Pad- Sr '16

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New for 2016, the Bauer X800 Shoulder Pads Feature Shoulder caps that have been injected with a MD foam insert. Sternum, Spine, and Arch have been protected using MD foam + PE insert. Front side panels & back kidney panels use MD foam inserts. Bicep guards are a molded thermoformed component. Abdominal protection includes (removable) MD foam. If you are concerned about wearability, look no further. The X800's are designed to have a tapered fit, and feature 1-piece bicep guard and arch support. Base body is a multi-segmented design. Liner uses a hydrophobic mesh.
Bauer Vapor X800 Shoulder Pad
• Shoulder cap is injected with MD foam insert
• Sternum is MD foam + PE insert
• Spine is protected with MD foam + PE insert
• Front Side Panels are MD foam inserts
• Back Kidney Panels are MD foam inserts
• Bicep Guard is molded thermoformed components
• Arch is MD foam + PE insert
• Abdominal Padding is Removable MD foam

• Overall fit is tapered
• 1-piece bicep guard and arch support
• Base Body is a multi-segmented design
• Liner is a hydrophobic mesh

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