BRIAN'S Sub Zero Lack Leg Pad- Sr '12

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The 2012 Sub Zero pad is the lightest pad on the market, weighing in at only 4.5 lbs. Brian's proprietary "E Foam" – which is made exclusively for Brian's allows this pad to be the lightest on the market without sacrificing protection. In addition to being incredibly light weight, the foam is also rigid enough to hold and maintain it's pre-molded, dynamic "S" shape throughout the life of the pad. This helps to minimize the amount of shrink the pad will encounter through it's lifetime. Brian's was able to eliminate nearly all of the leather straps on the pad and go instead with their unique "Smart Strap" system. This system uses an adjustable, replaceable "Y" shaped strap placed over a large calf lock in the leg channel, along with a Velcro knee strap and leather boot strap, to hold the pad in place. This Smart Strap is better at both keeping the pad placed properly on the leg, and also at centering the pad back on the leg after going down on the ice. The Smart Strap elastic straps can adjusted for a custom fit, and the Velcro attachment can be placed in any desired location on the opposite calf wrap for a custom fit. This leg pad comes with full wrap around calf and leg protection. The pads come with a triangular outer roll that has one break below the knee. This triangular roll is lighter than a square roll, and it's shape helps deflect pucks downward towards the ice. The pads flexibility at the knee break, and at the boot break allows for added mobility. The boot features an aggressive 78 degree taper, as well as an offset boot channel and toe tie option that will allow the goalie to take a wider stance.

The custom graphic for this pad is the Lack graphic which features a little cleaner look than the Halak model.
Brian's Sub Zero Lack Leg Pad- Sr (2012 Model)

• Pre curved same ready profile
• Flat faced for rebound predictability and control
• Completely flat medial edge helps seal pro to ice
• Multi-density internal face for energy absorption
• Squared thigh with multi layered foam
• Available in 32”-38”and custom sizing

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great pads....super light
Pads are super light and lay on the ice perfect. Only downside was that they were a little too tight even at the most loose setting. Easily fixed with homemade strap extensions.
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