CCM Extreme Flex 3.5 Leg Pads- Jr

Style/Model #: GPE35JR

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CCM Extreme Flex 3.5 Leg Pads feature a single break outer flex to maximize flexibility, a pre-curved single break core inner flex to close the 5 hole, a 90 degree boot flex with torsional flex for your power push, a deep ultra soft boot channel for freedom of movement, a tight fit 1 calf strap on the leg channel keeps the pads lightweight with a much closer feel to the leg for better control, a single adjustable knee strap system for a customizable fit, a soft foam outer knee wrap helps further close the 5 hole, a new lightweight / thin molded foam core offers a better weight balance for quicker transitions into (and out of) butterfly, a PE foam knee raiser seals the pad to the ice, and a legal thigh protector that protects the top of the knee.
CCM Extreme Flex 3.5 Leg Pads

Outer Flex
• Single break to maximize flexibility

Inner Flex
• Pre-curved single break core closes the 5 hole

Boot Flex
• 90° with Torsional Flex for power push

Boot Channel
• Deep Ultra Soft for freedom of movement

Leg Channel / Calf Strap Options
• Tight Fit 1 Calf Strap is lightweight with closer feel to the leg for better control

Knee Strap System
• Below Knee Fixed Single for a customizable fit

Knee Cradle
• Soft foam no outer knee wrap for a deeper knee cradle that helps close the 5 hole

• Lightweight, thin molded foam core for greater weight balance and quicker transitions into (and out of) butterfly position

Knee Raiser
• PE Foam to seal pad to the ice

Thigh Protector
• Legal Thigh Protector protects top of the knee

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