CCM Extreme Flex Shield E1.5 Chest & Arm Protector – Jr

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The Extreme Flex Shield E1.5 Chest and Arm Protector uses a PE Foam in the Sternum to increase overall protection of the pad. The Segmented Molded PE Foam offers great protection and maneuverability in the shoulder wings. PE Foam Blocks carry a high level of protection and mobility. The Bicep and Forearm uses a PE Foam that issues a great protection. The Elbow Cap of the E1.5 Chest Protector is an Independent Adjustable Elbow Protector that offers a customized fit. The Shoulder Cap is a compression molded PE Foam that maximizes coverage and protection.
CCM Extreme Flex Shield E1.5 Chest & Arm Protector

• PE Foam

Shoulder Wings
• Segmented Molded PE Foam

• PE Foam Blocks

• PE Foam

Elbow Cap
• Independent Adjustable Elbow Protector

Shoulder Cap
• Compression Molded PE Foam

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