CCM Premier P2.9 Catch Glove- Int

Style/Model #: GMP29INT


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CCM Premier P2.9 Catch Glove features a one-piece cuff & thumb, a 590° break angle for a closer to thumb break angle, a game ready fit, webbing strap through the cuff, a double straight tee pocket, raised foam finger padding finger guard, injection molded PE and PE foam for cuff and thumb composition, a ¼” felt/foam inner palm. NASH® finger stalls.
CCM Premier P2.9 Catch Glove

Cuff / Thumb
• One Piece

Break Angle
• 590

Palm Stiffness
• Game-Ready Fit

Wrist Strap
• Webbing Strap Through The Cuff

• Double Straight Tee

Finger Guard
• Raised Foam Finger Padding

Cuff / Thumb Composition
• Injection Molded PE and PE Foam

Inner Palm
• ¼” Felt / Foam

Finger Stalls

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