CCM Premier R1.5 Chest & Arm Protector- Jr

Style/Model #: ABR15JR

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CCM's Premier R1.5 Chest & Arm Protector features PE Foam at the Sternum for increased protection, a quick release velcro adjustment on the shoulder wings for a customized fit, as well as Multi-Segmented EPP Foams for greater mobility at and around your chest. The Bicep and Arms feature a square design to maximize coverage. The Elbow Cap is a JDP® Injection Molded PE Cap that adds additional protection. Additionally, the Shoulder cap is Molded HD Foam that also further augments the protection in these shoulder pads.
CCM Premier R1.5 Chest & Arm Protector

• PE Foam for Protection

Shoulder Wings
• Quick-Release Velcro Adjustment for a customized fit

• Multi-Segmented EPP Foams for great(er) mobility

Bicep / Arms
• Square Design to maximize coverage

Elbow Cap
• JDP® Injection Molded PE Cap for protection

Shoulder Cap
• Molded HD Foam for Protection

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