CCM Premier R1.5 Goal Blocker-Yth

Style/Model #: GBR15YTH

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For the Goalie looking for top protection, CCM's got you covered with the Premier R1.5 Blocker. Features a Bindingless front which increases durability. Goalie's palm position is centered for a balanced fit. The palm is an embossed synthetic material for an improved hand grip. Palm guard is reinforced for durability. Palm gusset is a ventilated mesh to increase breathability during gameplay. The Premier R1.5 blocker includes a lock thumb protector which is molded to provide Goalies with those added layers of protection sought after most. Finger protectors are a low density foam wrap. The blocking board is made of a laminated dual density foam with PE inserts for added rebound control. The cuff is an adjustable fit, perfect for when you need that extra bit of stick handling during gameplay.
CCM Premier R1.5 Goal Blocker

• Front is bindingless for increased durability

• Centered Palm Position for balance

• Palm is an emboss synthetic hand grip

• Palm Guard is reinforced to provide more durability

• Palm Gusset is ventilated mesh for breathability

• Lock Thumb Protector uses a molded thumb

• Finger Protectors utilize LOW DENSITY foam wrap for added protection

• Blocking board is laminated dual density foam with PE for added rebound control

• Cuff is an adjustable fit for better stick handling

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