CCM Quicklite 170 Ball Hockey Shin Guards- Sr

Style/Model #: SGBHQLT170SR


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CCM Quicklite 170 Shin Guards are designed specifically for street & ball hockey. The Quicklite 170 Shin Guards focuses on protecting your shins from sticks, balls, and other impacts via lightweight plastic and perforated foam construction. An elastic strap wraps around the foot to secure the shin guard in place, working on conjunction with the two (2) elastic straps along the back of the calf.
CCM Quicklite 170 Ball Hockey Shin Guards

• Lightweight
• Ribbed for strength
• Contoured to fit with shoe. Has foam protector for comfort
• Perforated foams are lightweight & breathable. Add comfortable protection around side of legs
• Ankle Padding

• Perforated Foams with Moisture Wicking Mesh

• 2-strap design
• Elastic ankle strap locks shin guard at the foot to remain in place
• 3-strap design features elastic straps at knee, calf, and upper ankle

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