CCM Quicklite 270 Shoulder Pads – Jr

Style/Model #: SP270J

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The CCM Quicklite 270 Shoulder Pads are a wonderful addition to your equipment roster.

Features include: molded dryfoam technology in the construction. Molded low-profile PE caps, EVA Molded vented front and back base on the torso, adjustable molded PE cap on the biceps, and anatomical molded PE inserts with neck comfort at the sternum provide players with the protection they need.
CCM Quicklite 270 Shoulder Pads- Jr
• Molded Dryfoam Technology
• Molded Low-Profile PE Caps
• EVA Molded Vented Front and Back Base (Torso)
• Adjustable molded PE Cap (Bicep)
• PE Anatomical molded PE with Neck Comfort (Sternum)

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