CCM Rapide Hockey Skates - MFRS. CLOSEOUT- Youth

Style/Model #: 2603Y

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Fit, comfort and styling...the perfect skate for beginner and recreational players. Ballistic nylon upper provides abrasion resistance and stiffness, while side stitching reinforcement increases lateral support. Microfiber lining for quick drying and comfortable fit.
  • Blade Holder: SL 1000 - Provides excellent durability
  • Boot Construction: Ballistic nylon with reinforced side stitching - Provides abrasion resistance and stiffness, increases lateral support
  • Lining Material: Microfiber lining - Allows for quick drying and offers comfortable fit
  • Outsole: Surlyn outsole - Provides solid medial and lateral support
  • Runner: Carbon steel
  • Tongue: Three-piece tongue construction - Provides secure fit and comfort

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