CCM Revision Straight Cert. Visor Spacer w/Screws

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The CCM Revision Straight Certified Visor Spacer with Screws includes all of the hardware required to mount your visor onto your desired hockey helmet, including:

• Bauer
• Easton
• Reebok
• Warrior

Comes with four (4) sets of screws and two (2) sets of visor spacers in a variety of lengths so to fit the various hockey manufacturer helmet specs

CCM Revision Straight Cert. Visor Spacer w/ Screws

• Anti-Scratch Technology
• Anti-Fog Technology
• Optical Accuracy – patented technology that allows for optimal vision with minimal distortion

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CCM Shield
Great optics
First purchase of a CCM shield. Have used Oakley and Tour in the past. Oakley's anti-fog degrades in a season and the Tour shields have crappy optics. The CCM has great optics. anti-fog seems fine but time will tell. The only reason I gave 4 stars is that like most other shields, you can get the screws tight enough to hold it in place. It always wants to move .
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