CCM Ultra Tacks Hockey Pant- Sr

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These pants provide you with an unmatched fit. The improved +1" customization on the length allow for better adjustment options for the player. Whether you're a growing youngster or just need the option because you love the after-game pizza, these pants will give you the comfort of never having to worry if your pants will continue to fit.

The Ultra Tacks protection mirrors that of what you’d expect from CCM! These pants are highly protective and light, but yet gives the hockey player a customizable experience. The thigh guards and hip protection areas utilize D3O® Smart Foam to provide a variable degree of protection. D3O Smart Foam is designed to absorb low energy impacts and toughen up against high energy impacts. Your back is also well protected with high density floating spine protection. That with the integrated groin construction of the shell allows for better movement without sacrificing protection.

High speeds and stretching movements are no longer an issue, The Ultra Tacks Player Pants won't stop you from playing the best game possible.

CCM Ultra Tacks Hockey Pants
CONSTRUCTION: Nylon abrasion panels
ADJUSTMENT: Padded internal belt system with hidden length adjusting zipper
HIP: PE Cap reinforced with D30©  smart foam
GROIN: Integrated into shell construction
KIDNEY: Molded PE protection
BACK PROTECTION: HD floating spine
   protector D30® Smart Foam technology with very high protection

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