EASTON MAKO Shoulder Pad- Sr

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At Easton we believe in giving our athlete an extra half second or extra stride through natural movement. The Mako shoulder pad achieves this with the use of a conic body fit. The Mako shoulder pad features a 360 degree fit adjustment straps. This allows the shoulder pad to sit closer to the body providing better protection and allowing for more movement. This pad is engineered for elite level players looking for a perfect balance between protection, mobility, and lightweight. This shoulder pad features FRM(Free Range Motion) adjustable HDPE bicep protectors for excellent slash protection. The unique front closure system of the Mako shoulder pads are easy to put on, and allow for a better fit on the chest. Molded HD foam caps provide impact protection on the fragile shoulder joints. Put all this technology together and you have one of the most advanced shoulder pads in the industry.
Easton MAKO™ Shoulder Pad- Sr

•   360° fit adjustment straps

•   Engineered for elite-level players

•   Achieves a perfect balance between protection, mobility, and a lightweight feel that is unmatched

•   Features FRM (Free Range Motion)HDPE bicep protectors for excellent slash protection

•   Front-closure system affords player a better, more custom fit against the chest

•   Molded HD foam caps for impact protection against the shoulder joints

•   Most advanced shoulder pads in the industry

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Great fit
These shoulders fit great. they are a tad on the bulky side and feel warm, and I wish the shoulder caps were a tad smaller. That being said however, these pads are very protective and I feel safe wearing them. You can take a big hit or slapshot from a
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