EASTON Stealth C5.0 Elbow Pad- Sr

Style/Model #: A144004

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The Easton Stealth C5.0 is a natural fit, lightweight, low profile, two-piece elbow pad with segmented bicep using MD foam. A contoured Forearm assists the player in not having to adjust elbow pad during play.

The elbow cap is ventilated and uses PE hard plastic. This elbow is constructed to wrap fully around the arm to give protection against slashes and aggressive play.
Easton Protection
• Fit: Natural fit, lightweight two-piece design
• Bicep: Segmented bicep with PE inserts
• Forearm: Contoured PE with Molded HD foam
• Cap: Ventilated PE hard cap
• Straps: Wide Y-shaped neoprene center strap
• Lining: Moisture wicking comfort liner and elbow donut

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