Easton Z-Air Comp Hockey Skates ('04 Model)- Junior

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Redesigned with a completely new look and structure, the elite-level Z-Air Comp features new Fusion Comp™, Padlock II™, and LPS™ performance enhancing skate technologies that provide superior comfort, instant fit and performance. The Z-Air Comp also includes Bio-Dri™ antibacterial lining that provides a secure, supple fit, and a new hydrophobic Bio-Lite™ footbed for optimum stride control.
Easton Z-Air Comp Hockey Skates- Junior
('04 Model)

Boot Construction:
• Uni-Body and Fusion Comp Technology™ - Allows each part of the skate to work together as a single unit of strength, durability and consistency with an ultralight quarter package that combines optimal stiffness and durability

Heat Moldable:
• Ideal-Fit™ system - Heat-moldable for a custom fit or ready to wear right out of the box

Lining Material:
• Bio-Dri™ lining - Locks the foot in place while combining a supple feel and moisture reduction

• Ideal Fit™ anatomically correct angled tongue design with lace-bite protection - Keeps the tongue perpendicular to the shin and stops the tongue from twisting during play for better fit, performance, and unsurpassed comfort

Ankle Support:
• Ideal Fit™ comfort system - Fills all the negative space around the foot to create a fit like a second skin

• Low-profile full composite outsole with unique Dry Flow™ moisture management system - Minimizes torque for maximum turning radius, while moisture drainage system allows the skates to remain up to 15% lighter during play

Blade Holder:
• Razor Bladz II™ holder - Improved with two-sided hardware system

• LPS Razor Bladz-Lite™ Parabolic Stainless Steel - Reduces runner weight to increase foot speed and offers the perfect flex arc during turns for sharper radius and deeper dig during starts and stops

Special Features:
• Padlock II™ Stability System - Anchors the forefoot to the base of the skate for maximum drive

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Nice product
Very great purchase
easton z air comp
inexpensive for a skate w/many bells and whistles. the skate is very stiff and could be too much of a skate for many younger kids. this skate doesn't break in that easily, even w/ baking. this almost elite level skate is overkill and possibly a hinderan
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