Pants, Shells, and Girdles

Players know the importance of picking a good pair of pants. Whether you're fitting for safety, comfort, or flair, Perani's Hockey World has got what you need to get equipped! If you are new to the sport of Hockey, Hockey pants & girdles provide much by way of protection to the hips, thighs, and lower spine. The difference between hockey pants & a hockey girdle is that the pants fit loosely, while the girdles fit more like Spandex™. The pant shell is worn over the girdle. Hockey pants, like other pieces of equipment, provide protection in grades. As you begin looking at more advanced levels of play you'll gain protective & feature-based enhancements over their lower-priced equivalents, adjustable belts, thigh zippers, and enhanced padding in the kidney areas & lower spine, and greater ventilation, for example. Featuring Ice Hockey Pants from top product manufacturers such as Aaron Sportswear, Bauer, CCM, Cooper, Eagle, Easton, Franklin, Koho, Louisville, and McKenney!