LABEDA Pure Swiss Bearings (16-pk)

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LABEDA Pure Swiss Bearings feature premium quality bearings, a polished service providing that Micron finish, deep grooves in the bearings for stability and speed, Raceways and bearings constructed of high-quality chrome steel. Raceways and ball bearings are heat treated and optimized to maximize hardness and durability. Lubricated with synthetic speed lub to improve overall life of bearings. Removable stainless steel shield for ease of maintenance should your skates require it. Removable nylon retainer. Pure Swiss design for optimal performance.

• Package contains 16 bearings
• Lubricant
LABEDA Pure Swiss Bearings (16-Pk)

• Premium / High Quality Bearing
• Polished Surface. Micron finish.
• Racing grooves for stability and speed
• Bearings are high-quality chrome steel
• Heat treated for maximum hardness and added durability
• Lubricated with Synthetic Speed Lube to improve bearing life
• Removable stainless steel shields for ease of maintenance
• Removable Nylon retainer
• 16 Bearings + High Speed Lubricant
• Pure Swiss design to maximize performance

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