Nike Bauer Supreme 70 Hockey Skates- Junior

Style/Model #: 4512J

$89.99 $209.99

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The pro level Supreme 70 skates feature everything you could possibly want in a top end skate with some unique hidden secrets to give you just a little more. The support is top notch featuring the same outstanding heel and ankle support you have come to expect from a pair of Nike or Bauer skates. The comfort and performance of the pack is excellent with a fully heat moldable upper boot, perforated full composite outsole and a synthetic leather liner that wraps the foot all nice and snug. The fit and comfort only get better with the Insta-form+ ankle pads and the Grip power footbed.That pretty much takes us to what you used to get from a pair of pro skates. Here's the secrets to this skate that put it over the top: Weight; the ultra-light Tech Mesh they used on the boot retained the support and lightened up the skate significantly. Power; The new Lightspeed 2 Power holder and runner is stronger, more ridgid and most importantly longer to maximize blade-to-ice contact to increase speed and energy while skating. Flexibility; The molded tendon guard was designed to give you greater flexibility for a greater foot extension and more power. Plus this guard helped reduce the over skate weight without compromising the durability of the skate.As a whole this skate is the whole package deal. You get durability, power, comfort and reduced weight without sacrificing. This may be the less heralded of the 3 skates Nike Bauer offers for the pro level skater, but it is arguably the most complete package and best value out of any of them.

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