PRO GUARD Tape Tiger Pro Orange

Style/Model #: PG9020


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The Pro Guard Tape Tiger Pro helps you remove stick tape quickly, easily, and beyond all else, SAFELY.
Pro Guard Tape Tiger Pro Orange

• Removes stick tape quickly
• Revolutionary cutting system
• Additional tools Included

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Would not recommend
I visited my local Perani's last night and the staff showed me this device which they had just gotten in and had no experience with. I thought this could be great because one is always having a hard time removing the old tape from sticks. Wow, what a mistake in purchasing. It barely cut the old tape...I had to use a different knife to finish the job. The foldable scissors are cheap as heck and bend at the slightest touch. Whoever invented this might have meant for it to open boxes.....not work on sticks. Completely useless and not worth the 15 bucks I paid for it. If I could find my receipt I would return it in a heartbeat.
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