Reebok Premier 4 4K Leg Pads- Yth

Style/Model #: GP4KYTH

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Reebok's 4K leg pads offer the young goal tender a protective pad that allows them ample mobility to make the save. This pad features a double break in the outer roll which provides increased flexibility for the goalie. The pads knee and leg channel provide support for the leg when in the butterfly position. The pad is constructed with durable synthetic leather to provide solid durability. If your thinking about getting in goal, check out the 4K pads as a great option!
Reebok Premier 4 4K Leg Pads- Yth

• 1.2mm PU leather
• Silk screen graphic with stitching
• 400D Nylon straps
• LD foazm and PE foam for the inner core
• Nylon leg channel liner
• Deep channel with calf wraps
• Double break
• 1 Leather boot strap
• 1 Leather boot strap, 3 Webbing straps

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