SHER-WOOD T70VR Undercover Composite Stick- Jr

Style/Model #: SWDT70UJR

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The Sher-Wood T70 Undercover stick offers a new look to a proven sniper stick. With features like the Free Flex Zone, and Tri-Ply construction, this stick is build with many of the same features found on the T90. If your in the market for a new stick, take a serious look at this T70. This stick offers exceptional value for an elite level stick.
With its innovative shaft construction, the length of the loading zone adapts to the hand positioning of the player. The stick can be properly loaded on both slap shots and wrist shots giving players ultimate power at all times.
Each layer of this compression molded shaft is positioned in a predetermined angle in order to maximize the energy release process. The result is a complete energy transfer for more powerful shots.
The perfect synergy between the weight of the blade and the shaft results in an optimal balance point for a unique feeling.
Vibration Reduction Foam Core
Built with light high density foam, the vibration the player feels when stick handling, shooting, and receiving the puck is reduced for an unmatched feel for the puck. Also, the high modulus carbon fiber provides lightness and stiffness to the blade, ensuring highly accurate shots.
The shaft is ergonomically designed to fit in the hands of players. It also ensures a secure grip in all shooting situations.
Flex Free Zone
The better engineered materials combine with the long loading zone allow the player to cut the stick within four inch range without affecting the flex.

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