STEP TUUK Custom Stainless- Jr

Style/Model #: STCUJR


Currently Unavailable

Handcrafted in Canada with the highest grade of Swedish Stainless Steel, the Step Steel line is the sole foundation of all Step runners. Designed and engineered with precision to reach maximum performances, the Step Steel goes through an exhaustive list of quality control tests to meet athletes and trainers’ severe standards.
• Centerline guide to accurately display the center of the profile, exclusive to Step Steel Runners
• Grip Claw System which eliminates movement between the front of the blade and the holder, exclusive to Step Steel Runners
• More height for added boot to ice clearance resulting in tighter turns and more blade life
• Raising the boot higher off the ice also increases stride torque, meaning each stride nets more distance down the ice
• Pitch corrected profile means a more balanced player
• Neutral, long, 10 foot profile means a perfect foundation for custom profiling
• Tighter thickness manufacturing tolerances means easier sharpening
• Most precise profile on the market

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