STX Surgeon 100 Composite Hockey Stick- Int

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The Field Hockey and Lacrosse Stick is making its cross over to Ice Hockey at Hockeyworld. Presenting the STX Surgeon 100 with Dual Kick Points, Blade Construction that lets you feel the puck easier allowing heads up play, Fiberglass Construction and a Balance Point that amplifies the whole stick makes this a winner. This stick allows the player to react and adjust to style of play focusing on puck control and quick release, perfect for the forward that needs that quick snapper for rebounds or in the slot. Beat the goalie with the STX Surgeon 100.

STX Surgeon 100
Precision Flex Profile™:
• Dual Kick points react to your style of play
Blade Construction:
• A more forgiving blade surface enhances puck feel.
Shaft Construction:
• A mix of fiberglass and carbon in the shaft, combined with 12K in the blade, provides a balance of value and performance
Balance Point:
• Ultra-High balance point amplifies the feel and play-ability of the stick.

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