VAUGHN 1000 Velocity V6 Chest & Arm- Sr

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The new Velocity 1000 Pro arm and chest has extensive features for a high level of performance and protection. The chest pad is constructed with angular designed protective blocks that feature layers of high and Ultra-high density foams and a lower belly flex section. This functions to align the flex and bend points of the chest pad to move with the natural shape of the goaltenders body giving increased range of motion and increased comfort.

Large lower chest pad flap flexes when in a deep crouched position so the pad remains properly aligned to maximize protection and blocking surface area. The arm padding features molded reinforced caps encapsulated in foam for higher impact resistance and a wide Pre-Shaped main arm floater with ultra-high density internals for increased protection and solid blocking area. Upper side bicep pad extends the protected areas and square off the padding for more net coverage.

Full arm strap with adjustments, Velcro adjustable wrist straps and four point adjustable elbow pads allow the arm to be fully custom precise fit for superior performance. Upper chest pad shoulder adjustment gives precise chest pad placement to keep the unit secure around the neck and clavicle. Large shoulder contoured shape shoulder floaters have ultra-high density foam internal components for extra rigidity and shock dispersal.

Large shoulder caps extend to the sides for more net coverage and give more complete protection. Large extended length sternum pad with high density spine padding features multiple adjustments for precise fit and comfort.
VAUGHN 1000 Velocity V6 Chest & Arm

• Pro construction with added padding thickness

• Multi sectioned chest pad for flex

• Four point adjustable elbow pads

• Adjustable arm and wrist straps

• Lower chest belly flap

• Extra width shoulder caps

• Large sternum plate

• Built in neck guard

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