VAUGHN 1000i Velocity V6 Blocker- Int

Style/Model #: B1000INT

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The B 1000i Intermediate size blocker features a no binding front blocking board surface and incorporates an Ultra-high density internal foam core for lighter weight and added protection under extreme impacts. The bottom edge of the board is beveled to allow the glove to get tight to the ice and reduces weight on the lower end of the glove for improved balance.

The top section of the blocking board is curved and laced through the body of the glove, this secures the blocking surface to the inner foam core providing more consistent deflection and control when making saves. The large side shield has a thick Ultra-high density foam internals providing increased protection to the side of the hand while enlarging the coverage and blocking area of the glove.

New floating cuff functions to provide greater range of motion for the wrist and aids in improving the glove angle to the puck. Large finger protectors with a wide base for stability wrap the finger sides and ends for more complete protection. The index finger has a reinforced inside edge padding for even more protection.

The palm features MSH3 base material with a grip layer for added stick control. The palm design is optimized for the hand in the grip position with each finger having a pre-shaped curve to the design. The palm has mesh gussets for flexibility and air flow and a cushion pad on the back hand to further increase protection. Full Pro Spec construction adds durability and protection giving the glove the ultimate in performance.
VAUGHN 1000i Velocity V6 Blocker
• Large side shield
• Tapered bottom edge
• Vented palm side gussets
• Back hand cushion padding to reduce impacts
• Full adjustable wrist strap
• Side wrist air cushion under side shield
• Floating articulated cuff design for superior wrist movement

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