VAUGHN 7490i Velocity 5 Catcher- Int

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The new 7490 intermediate Pro velocity catch glove is designed with a deep contoured catching surface with extra wide palm area to give more depth and surface area to the glove. New offset T-web with skate lace provides a larger pocket area along with added reinforcement in the T-web top for extra support along the top perimeter edge. Top cuff and thumb feature a molded deflecting ramp to limit puck skip over and provide added stability to the top edge of the glove. New internal hand design gives a more vertical thumb angle and hand position. Dual adjustable straps over the fingers and back hand provide added security and custom adjustment along with new anchored wrist strap for an even tighter adjustment around the wrist. Wide cuff opening provides added room for increased wrist movement and features an adjustable strap that allows the back cuff to be adjusted to the goal tenders preference. Three piece back hand protection had HD foams and a deflector ramp over the fingers to deflect impacts away from the ends of the finger tips.
VAUGHN 7490i Velocity 5 Catcher
• Extra padding in palm area
• Molded cuff and thumb protection
• Heat moldable for custom fit
• Pre-formed shape with flex seams on internal padding
• Wide surface area to maximize coverage
• Internal hand control straps
• Lightweight and perimeter balanced
• Mid curve front cuff surface enlarges blocking surface
heat moldable for a custom fit
• Offset T-web with reinforced top bar

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