VAUGHN Ventus LT68 Leg Pads- Jr

Style/Model #: VPGLT68

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The Ventus LT68 junior goal pad design features a full flat front surface wit ha single break outside roll to give the pad a firm solid shape. The pre-shaped scoop and side profile keeps the pad in a taller posture to increase net coverage and reduce drag along the ice surface. Internal foam core is constructed with multiple density and thicknesses of foam in a precise arrangement to give the pad a very solid frontal blocking surface and precise flex points.

The internal edge of the pad is designed with a wider landing area at the knee, this creates added surface area for increased balance and control. The inner shin five-hole structure gives a flatter surface area for solid pad position and quick sliding on the ice surface. The internal knee cradle has an angled strap system that positions the straps below the bend of the knee for added comfort and less friction during pad rotation.

Adjustable knee straps allow for precise adjustment to support the knee in the body of the pad to elevate the knee from the ice surface. This allows the goaltender to get a wider butterfly spread and reduces the stress on the knees and hips. The leg cradle features a wide inside landing pad that is shaped to encapsulate the leg and cushion the body weight while going down on the ice surface.

The outer leg cradle pad is sculpted to cover the calf and extend coverage into the side profile of the pad to cover gaps when tight up against the post. Knee and leg cradle are designed to create a pivoting hinge so the pad will quickly rotate around the leg to effectively square up the pad to the most effective blocking position.
Vaughn VPG LT68 Ventus Leg Pads

• Full firm flat frontal blocking surface

• Single break outside roll structure

• Inner core for precise pad shape

• Extreme lightweight for superior pad balance

• Tall plus 2” sizing

• Laced in adjustable thigh guard

• Inner Leg cradle shin cushioning

• Off set tie on toe assembly with lace adjustment position

• Pre-shaped firm design and construction

• Available in sizes 24”+2, 26”+2, 28”+2

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