WARRIOR Alpha AK27 SL Grip Hockey Stick- Int

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WARRIOR Alpha AK27 SL Grip Hockey Stick offers a fresh new look on a legendary classic from 2010. The latest version is a limited release package with special edition graphics, showcasing the new Sabre Taper, which affords players a quick and accurate release on their plays. Shaft is constructed of a durable blend of carbon & fiberglass. Assembled using the updated True1 phantom feel construction process.
Warrior Alpha AK27 SL Grip Hockey Stick

Quick Strike
• Offers Effortless loading that engages our most explosive precision accurate release. The low kick-point extends from bottom hand through the lower shaft and hosel. The all new Saber Taper maintains torsional stiffness during loading & release, controlling the rapid recoil and improving shot accuracy

Saber Taper
• Unique taper design creates a torsionally stiff extended mid-low flex arc, resulting in a more stable blade for improved accuracy. The re-engineered shaft and hosel design engages flex easily and releases quickly with precision accuracy

True1 Phantom Feel
• Extremely lightweight & strong True 1piece stick with improved balance & responsiveness that significantly enhances feel and puck control

Minimus Carbon 800
• 800-grade, high-strength, responsive, lightweight flat carbon-composite weave design

Ergo Shaft Shape
• Ergonomic contour shaped shaft

Pro Grip
• Tacky soft grip feel

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