WARRIOR Covert DT4 LT Grip Ice Hockey Stick- Int

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The Covert DT4 LT Grip Composite Stick by Warrior has a redesigned look and thats not the only thing. It has some very cool features that some of Warrior's other stick's do not provide.

True1 LT construction solves the myth that sticks can be one single piece. This improves the DT4 LT's balance incredibly by removing the process of fusing the blade to the shaft.

Moving to specifics, the Dagger Taper2™ technology allows the hosel and blade area to increase flex during shots, while keeping the stick more stable at your hands, therefore you add the power and the stick does the work. The Dagger Taper2™ also gives off the optical illusion that the stick is extremely thin when looking from above, making the puck carrier see the puck on the blade with much more ease.

Worry less about the beating your blade takes with the UniSpar construction, meaning a single layer of carbon fiber reinforces the blade core. Softcore X built inside allows the blade to last longer with compression resistance and tensile strength.
• Dagger T2- Upgraded, next generation, uni-directional fibers enhance super low flex and recoil. This is the next generation of Warrior's revolutionary Dagger Taper technology which keeps the hand area stiffer and allows the stick to flex lower in the shaft and blade area as well as in the upper handle. This loads and releases the shaft and blade together for more flex and better pop on slap shots, snap shots, and wrist shots
• True 1- Lighter internal composite structures allow for stronger and lighter blades. Lighter blades = superior balance

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