WARRIOR Covert QR1 Grip Hockey Stick- Jr

Style/Model #: QR1GRJRSTK

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The Warrior QR1 is quick release tuned for a very quick release time of 76 mS, this comes from the Dagger T2 super low kick point in the stick which is like no other. The stick is constructed as a True1 piece that is built with a New Etched 7 carbon fiber layers that make the stick lighter and stronger per square inch. A Precision loop carbon is also added providing thinner and more layers with less overlap providing strength throughout the stick. Also reinforced corners that can with stand 2x the force of a corner impact. As well as the stronger lighter stick on the shaft. TwinSpar 45 technology which gives internal structures a stiffer more durable connection of the blade and shaft point. CorTex Grip is grip texture that is added on the corners for optimum grip and power.
WARRIOR Covert QR1 Grip Hockey Stick

Quick Release Tune- Moment of Release Time: 76mS

Dagger T2-Super Low Kick

True1 Construction- Lighter Stick, Better Balance, Better Flex

New Etched 7 Carbon Fibers- Lighter and more strength per square inch

Precision Loop Carbon-Thinner plus more layers, Less Overlap= Stronger+ Lighter

Corner Impact-reinforced corners offer 2x impact toughness

TwinsSpar 45°-Stiffer Internal Structures Connect Blade/Shaft

CorTex Grip- Shaft Corner grip texture-Optimum Grip Power/Control

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