WARRIOR Dynasty AX5 Composite Hockey Stick- Sr

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Warrior's Dynasty AX5 is built with some of the same technology found in the AX1. This model features Axysym Technology which provides super recoil action when the shaft is loaded. The flex profile features a mid-kick point for a full length mid-flex arc. Even the blade has been reinforced with a UniSpar reinforcement to reduce blade twisting when shooting. Check out the amazing value of the Dynasty AX1!
WARRIOR Dynasty AX5 Composite Hockey Stick
AxySym Technology- Compression fibers on the back and under sides of the stick build up power and recoil into the puck. Stretch fibers on the front allow easy flex loading
Mid-Kick- Smooth full length flex arc. Supports full force of shots across entire length of stick
Soft Core X Blade Core- Provides good puck feel.
Uni Spar Reinforcement- One carbon fiber support structure reinforces the blade. Endurance is increased.
Clear finish

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greatly improved my shot & puck control
helps me score and as a defenseman control the puck.
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