WARRIOR Dynasty Grip Hockey Stick- Jr

Style/Model #: WARDYNGJR

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Warrior's Dynasty stick features their revolutionary new technology called Axy Sym. Warrior Enginerds have devised a new system for constructing the shaft. Compression fibers have been added to the backside of the shaft, and when the stick is loaded, this causes the front to stretch more. More stretch equals more release. The puck is released faster with no energy loss. Left and right sticks are built differently to spring the force directionally.
This stick breaks the mold of traditional composite stick building and will redefine the market moving forward.

  • Axy Sym Technology- Allows for the utmost energy transfer and recoil into every type of shot and is built specifically for the right or left handed shooter
  • X-Weave- Fiber matrix that allows for increased strength on backside and bottom of shaft and blade for increased recoil forward into the slot
  • Multi-bias Fiber Placement- Reinforces internal shaft structure and improves impact durability
  • Carbon Elite- Construction uses the highest quality lightweight carbon fiber materials
  • Pro-Balance Blade & Handle- Improves stick feel and weight distribution
  • Precision Taper- Focuses energy at lower quarter for easy load and release
  • Additional 3" stick length to avoid use of heavy extensions and end plugs
  • D-Lite Blade Core- Features stable heel with super lightweight toe for improved balance and puck control
  • Slick Grip Finish- Ensures proper hand lock/nonslip during high-load shots. By adding extra grip on back hand and bottom of shaft with nipple grip raised edges, Slick Grip allows for easy movement in fingers for up and down shaft stickhandling and transitions between shots

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