WARRIOR Evo Grip Hockey Stick- Jr '12

Style/Model #: EV50G2

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Warrior's new Evo stick is designed and built with Axy-Sym technology like the Dynasty model. This provides a different composition for left and right sticks to get the most out of your shot. This stick uses a linear taper flex profile provides a mid flex point for a long flex profile. A larger area of the stick takes swing force and returns energy in a fluid smooth shot. This stick is designed for shooters with heavy slap shots and flowing wrist shots. The 3" longer length makes this stick a great choice with people over 6' tall. This stick comes with a velvet grip coating for superior stick control.

Warrior Evo Grip Hockey Stick
• Axy-Sym Technology
• Linear Taper
• Mid Kick flex point
• Fused construction
• Multi-Biased fiber
• Carbon Elite Pro-Balance
• D-lite blade Core
• X-Weave fiber matrtix
• Velvet Grip Coating

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